Widebody Mansory Pfister Comet S2

This car is inspired by Mansory: https://www.mansory.com/car/mansory-p9lm-evo-900#2

Info: This car is lore friendly, It has 2 rear spinning twin turbos in the rear bumper, Color changeable stripes/LEDS, Interior, Wheels, Calipers ect.
This car comes with a very nice handling that is very fast, agile, and stops on a dime.
This car also comes with a very nice custom engine sound with very appealing turbo sounds and engine noise.
All windows are breakable it is not bulletproof. Shoots nice flames out of the exhaust, Custom flipable plate not seen before (hold h)
The plate texture can be replace to anything via the ytd. Doors work Hood/Trunk Opens, Interior is HQ.

Has Extras: All exterior LED Emmisive lights, Roof/Window Air Scoop, Spoiler.


Spawn Code: amwbcomet

Price: $23 USD

Pfister Comet Mansory — $23



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