Enus Jubilee Widebody

***Widebody Enus Jubilee*** Spawn Code: ***amjubilee*** Info: Color Changeable LED's, All Doors Open, Working Dials, Working Lights, Color changeable Interior, Bunch of Extras POLY COUNT: 289,482K VERT COUNT: 207,948K YTD SIZE: 2,900KB **THIS CAR IS LORE FRIENDLY** **THIS CAR IS LORE FRIENDLY** **THIS CAR IS LORE FRIENDLY** **Has Extras:**Pinstripe on entire car, Plate Cover, Starlights **Primary Paint:** Body, Chassis, Etc **Secondary Paint**: Pinstripe **Paint #6:** Interior Parts **Paint #7**: LED Emiss...

Big Turbo 2jz S13 Silvia #1


Huge Single Turbo S13 SILVIA -Extra 1: Stock Spoiler -Extra 2: After Market Spoiler -Extra 3: Roof Spoiler -Spinning Turbo -Spinnin...

Widebody Jeep Trackhawk


Spawn Code: amwbhawk Info: Color Changeable LED's, Doors Open, Working Dials, Working Lights, Color changeable Interior, Spinning belt,...

Honda Prelude


Video in discord server: https://discord.com/channels/829385051904016384/886316101745651742/886317403208814612 Single Turbo Honda Prelu...

User Reviews

Product: Wudevidt Dodge Charger Hellcat (LEDS) 5/5

โ€œA beautiful mod as always. I'm never disappointed with anything AM makes, it's always so high quality โ€ โ€” nate_007

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Product: LEO Widebody Bugatti Chiron 5/5

โ€œAbsolutely love this car. The look is amazing and every person that I pass always asks how I got and that itโ€™s an absolute beauty of a car. Love the interior and theโ€ โ€” Royalnuggies

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Product: Hellephant 2020 Dodge Charger Turbo 5/5

โ€œGreat & Fast service & product delivery! I received my vehicle instantly off of the easy to use website, and I was not disappointed at all. The vehicle model is veryโ€ โ€” cqllin

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Product: Widebody Bugatti Chiron Quad Turbo 5/5

โ€œGreat Model As Always 10/10โ€ โ€” GodGamer78

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