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Welcome to Alley's Modifications, We just need you to read and agree to the teams of service before you can access the discord and start browsing our collection!

โ€ข Payment available VIA Paypal and Cashapp

โ€ข Reselling, Unlocking Files or Ripping files without permission from Alley's Modifications or any developer will result in permanent removed from this discord and future developer discords protected by this Tos.

โ€ข If Anyone is Found in the Alley's Modifications discord to be associated with Leaking Discords or leaked Assets of any Developers will result in punishment.

โ€ข You are not allowed to charge-back on any payments made to Management and/or anyone else in the Alley's Modifications discord. If there is an issue with your purchase please open a ticket.

โ€ข To correlate to FiveMs TOS all products will not be bought to be used specifically for FiveM, but you are free to use these for your private use once purchased!

โ€ข No refund available after your order has been placed, unless Alley's Modifications fails to complete or deliver.

โ€ข Once again, you are not allowed to resell, unlock or rip anything purchased or received from in the Alley's Modifications Discord.

โ€ข Any files from Alley's Modifications may not be shared to anybody at your free will. Only exception is trusted owners/staff of RP Servers.

โ€ข Dont be a dick


| Updated Terms 10/21/2023 |

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