Starting with:

$40 (TEIR 1) : Normal custom, Whatever you want that is within my abilities. With this option I MUST be allowed to SELL this model on my discord, no questions asked.

$65 (TEIR 2): Normal Custom, Whatever you want that is within my abilities. This model will be private, a ONE of ONE. Only you will have access to this model.

| Extra |

These are just starting prices! You must be able to cover the price for any of the custom parts you want for your build that I do not already own.

Example: You want wheels and tires for the build that you want and I do not have these models. You will need to cover the price for these models for me to use for your vehicle. Average wheel price is $11.50.

Most of the time these prices WILL NOT be your total build cost.

Please do not WASTE MY TIME WITH THIS! 50% of the time you will be spending more than these prices, Especially if you are looking to get custom kits and parts done.

| Extra 2 |

I will most likely have a list and you will be added to it. You can find my list down below, You will be required to pay the starting price to be added to the list.

| Additional |

I will be doing these in order, Also to keep up with my discord builds. I will be doing one custom, one for my discord, repeat.


@Jacob c#0999 has the right to refuse a custom order at any time without explaination.

(closed) CUSTOM ORDER TEIR #1 (closed) — $40


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